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My thoughts about the Blackjack fandom

Fanwars are inevitable in music industry particularly in KPOP world especially because many artists and groups are so good to the point that their fandoms themselves couldn’t avoid clashing to each other to prove who is better than the others. Fanwars usually happen between different fandoms. But within the fandom itself? That’s a different level or let me say, worse.

I am a Blackjack, but I can say that my own fandom is fucked up. Usually, when you entitle yourself to a certain fandom, then you are supposed to be stanning everyone in that particular group or at least supporting all of them. For example, if you are a VIP, it means you stan, support and love the whole Bigbang. Meaning, if you are a TRUE Blackjack, you are supposed to love or at least show support to every member of 2NE1 and not only to CL, Dara, Bom or Minzy. It’s not required to like every member. You can show all your love for your bias, but at least learn to respect the other members as well. If you don’t like a member, you don’t have to be a hypocrite and sugar-coat your words and say that you like her even though deep inside, you hate her then you’ll go backstabbing her right then and there. Just learn to appreciate and again, RESPECT.

One of the biggest fanwars happening within the Blackjack fandom is between CLassifieds and Daralings. Some Daralings are always bashing CL and CLassifieds are also bashing Dara in return. If an issue popped out of nowhere, Daralings are always being blamed. If CL and Dara are together, some CLassifieds are saying that Dara is just using CL for fame etc. They are also bashing Dara saying that she doesn’t deserve to be a member of 2NE1 and then the fanwar continues while the two fandoms are bashing each others’ bias.

Don’t you even feel ashamed of yourself? CL and Dara are so close to each other yet you are hating on them? I’m not generalizing all Daraling and CLassifieds. I’m pointing out the immature ones. And I am so disappointed that one of the major reasons of this chaos is because of shipping. I am not saying that shipping is a bad thing because I actually ship a lot too. But please know your limits. Skydragon, Daragon or whatever ship it is, all the shippers are delusional mainly because shipping is being delusional too. Ship all you want, but please don’t use your ships as a reason to bash or hate simply because you don’t have a solid reason for doing so. I am not generalizing all the shippers here, just those who are so narrow-minded to understand things.

I am not saying this to CL stans and Dara stans only but also to all the Blackjacks out there. We all have our bias in 2NE1. But please don’t say that a member doesn’t deserve to be a part of 2NE1 because of her flaws. No one is perfect. And remember that every member carries the name of 2NE1. They all have a purpose why they were chosen to become a member of the group.

Imagine 2NE1 being a house and CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy are the foundations. Without one member, 2NE1 will crumble. Do you even get what I am pointing out? So don’t even downgrade anyone in 2NE1 because they are all significant.

Why does Blackjack fandom have to be divided into CLassifieds, Daralings, Minjas and Bomshells? Couldn’t it be just Blackjacks, Blackjacks who support and love everyone in 2NE1? Compared to other fandoms, Blackjack fandom is small. But only if we are UNITED, we can make the impossible possible. 2NE1 works hard to the point they don’t sleep for days just to give us good music and great performances. Is this supposed to be our way of repaying all their hardwork? Bashing, hating and fighting with each other?

Internal fanwars should be stopped and Blackjacks should be reunited. If you keep on hating and bashing a member of 2NE1, then the door is always open for you to leave the fandom. If you really love 2NE1 or at least care for the whole group, don’t let your immaturity dominate your actions.

I don’t know if you understood everything that I said, but I hope something made sense. I wrote this not to bash anyone so please don’t hate on me. I just want my fandom to fix all the chaos that is happening to us.

"Be a respectful and well-mannered fan of 2NE1. It’s 2NE1 and Blackjacks together that makes 2NE1′s image."

Always remember this.